US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls
Angelina 5ft5 slender sex doll | Rose Wives Doll
Angelina 5ft5 real sex doll | Rose Wives Doll
Angelina 5ft5 slender sex doll | Rose Wives Doll
Angelina 5ft5 gorgeous love doll | Rose Wives Doll

US Stock - Moaning Sex Dolls

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  • TPE or Silicone Material
  • Stocked in California, USA
  • Free shipping to USA, 2~7 days delivery
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Low stock - 1 item left
  • Inventory on the way

Electric Vagina-Auto-Sucking Feature

Electric Auto-Blowjob Feature

Electric Hip-Auto-Wiggling Feature

Ultra-Realistic Blood Vessel Texture

Electric Hip-Auto-Wiggling Torso Doll

Electric Hip-Auto-Wiggling Torso Doll with Head

Robot AI Head

For US stock dolls, stocked in California, US Warehouse.

Shipping: Shipment will be arranged within 24 hours after payment.

Tracking: The tracking number will be updated within 1-3 business days after payment.

Delivery: Normally, 5-7 business days delivery from California, US. 100% Discreet Packaging, Tax-Free and Free Shipping.

100% risk free. Get a full refund if you return the doll unused.

Shipping Fee
US stock dolls to the U.S: FREE Standard Shipping
Shipping to rest of the world: The shipping fee is about 5~8% of the product price
Delivery Time: The doll in stock US or EU delivery total time 2~7 days 

*Delivery Time = Handling Time + Shipping Time (+ any holidays)

Handling Time

We check inventory every day to ensure that there are sufficient stocks for every product. Order processing time can range from 3 - 5 business days, depending on the selected customization options and the number of orders in queue.

*Please understand that a sex doll is a customized product that is made-to-order according to the customer's specifications. Although we strive to ship every order within the above time-frame, processing time could be slightly longer in exceptional cases.  

Shipping time depends on the shipping methods you choose:
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1. Expedited Shipping
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2. Standard Freight Shipping
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Note: Sometimes when we are experiencing manufacturer and distribution delays. At the same time, orders shipped via UPS or FedEx are also experiencing delivery delays. It will take 15~20 business days for the delivery to arrive depending on your location.

Canadian delivery time:
1. Standard Shipping
First, our custom dolls should take 3~7 days to complete production. Then it is shipped by ocean container ship from our factory to Vancouver, Canada and then picked up by UPS. Once your package is released and inspected, we will arrange local shipping and then your UPS tracking number will change to active status and be sent to your address. Delivery has recently taken 8~9 weeks (previously it only took 4~7 weeks, but there was a 14~28 days delay with port congestion in Vancouver).

*Because of the special Canadian sea transport, sea transport logistics status of Canadian order is not open freight inquiry, so there will be 30~40 days when customers are unable to check the logistics status, but our company can check through the shipping system. If you order a Canadian shipping order, please contact us to check the logistics status, after the package reaches Canada, UPS will update the logistics status and delivery of your order, thank you for your understanding.

2. Expedited Shipping
Factory production dolls take 3~7 days, 10~15 days sent to customer address

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Do your prices include VAT?
Yes, VAT is only for orders within the EU (European Union)

My item arrived broken or damaged, what can I do?
If your product is damaged, please reject the item and take a photo in time. Contact us by email as soon as possible. We will arrange a new shipment within 48 hours. We are not responsible for any damage to boxes, cases or other packaging. This is the carrier's responsibility to handle them with care, we have no control over this.

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    Factory Photos


    Product Measurements
    Height Weight Waist circ. Hip circ. Across Shoulder Chest circ. Leg length Arm length Thigh circ. Calf circ. Foot length Neck circ. Vaginal depth Anal depth Oral depth Package
    158 cm 33 kg 49 cm 88 cm 32 cm 94 cm 83 cm 50 cm 43 cm 27 cm 19 cm 16 cm 18 cm 17 cm 13 cm 145x42x34 cm³
    165 cm 35 kg 52 cm 89 cm 34 cm 91 cm 88 cm 50 cm 44 cm 28 cm 19 cm 17 cm 18 cm 17 cm 13 cm 153x42x29 cm³
    166 cm 42 kg 58 cm 91 cm 34 cm 94 cm 80 cm 51 cm 50 cm 32 cm 19 cm 30 cm 18 cm 17 cm 13 cm 151x41x31 cm³

    Dolls from this link are stocked in the US, freshly produced in June. All of these dolls here have "moaning when touch" features with three touch sensors, but with "no-standing-feet", this means that they have feet but have no standing ability. Except this, there is no difference with other US Stock dolls.

    All origin factory photos are in the above area, you can click to zoom the photo to view clearly.

    Details for Moaning function:

    I. Instructions for triggering dialogue: 

    • Where do you come from?
    • May I have your name?
    • How old are you?
    • You are so beautiful?
    • What do you like best?
    • What would you like to eat?
    • What do your parents do?
    • Am I a handsome man?
    • Do you love me?
    • Do l have a big cock?
    • Do you want a condom?
    • I'm in a bad mood.
    • I miss you so much.
    • Let me hug you.
    • You got big boobs.
    • Let's go for a fuck.
    • Higher voice.
    • Lower voice.
    • See you again. 

    [Note]: To get good performances, it is suggested to carry out your instructions in a quiet environment and after the speaker sound every time. But it can be ignored when you use headphones. 

     II. Automatic sleep:

    No touch or no one to talk with in 2 minutes, it will prompt to hibernate; and if there is still no one to talk with in the later 30 seconds, the play will be shut down and hibernate.

    Packing List:
    1. TPE sex doll *1
    2. Wig *1
    3. Cleaning cream *1
    4. Blanket *1
    5. Clothing *1

    1. You can customize this doll here
    2. Choose other doll heads here, all doll heads are free shipping by air. 
    3. More factory photos here

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