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What Is The Manufacturing Process Of A Realistic Sex Doll

Have you ever thought how a sex doll is made real? Keep reading to know the secret. This is like modeling a real person into a doll. For instance, body features of a woman and man, eye movement, and amount of pubic hair—also, operable fingers, body temperature, design of penis, vagina, and moans. Manufacturers double-check the faces and heads by using 3D technology and plaster. It ensures accuracy and quality for their esteemed customers. The process is not simple; it undergoes several procedures to achieve the feature. Here are the steps for manufacturing a real doll.


Every artist must draw a sketch; even buildings are designed before they are built. The procedure begins with drawing an attractive sex doll on paper.

sex doll modeling


Then they use a sculptor to change the design into a three-dimensional model sex doll. These designs use plaster or clay to ensure quality. They are then divided into different pieces. The most detailed part of a person is the head, so as the doll. Therefore, the head model is created separately. The whole body is made into one single piece, while others separate arms and legs. Plastic, rubber, Vaseline, or other lubricants are poured on the bodies and cover skin, respectively. Other models are based on a real human. It takes many hours for the materials to harden sufficiently before removed.

Skeleton manufacturing

Just like automotive industries, parts are refined. Skeleton is an essential part of supporting a structure. It does provide not only support but also the shape. Sex doll artists make skeletons that have over one hundred parts. The skeleton manufacturing process is done in a glass room, which looks like a medical room. It is amazing to create the smallest parts to the largest part of a human skeleton.

Skeletons are often thicker in chest and thighs, so as there is an appropriate thickness of silicone in them. The thickness gives a solid and soft feeling to sex dolls.

sex doll skeleton

Skeleton binding

Skeletons have to fix together into one part prior to creating the body of the doll. The positioning of the skeleton in a mold is essential.  Workers shape the body parts like legs, the shape of the chest, buttocks, legs, hips, and breasts. Here the scene is full of skills, technology, and creativity. Each doll is designed according to the preferences of the customers. The user’s survey includes ideals on dolls’ height, chest, size of butt, and breasts. They are customized to every order in order to satisfy their customers.

TPE area

After the model is complete, they create a mold that will inbuild the whole doll? It is a container in which plastic skeleton and metal are put. This is the area where the skin and body of the doll are cast with silicone and TPE. These materials are blended to a perfect mixture in order to achieve a firm and soft body like humans. In addition, the pigment is blended well to give the dolls a base color. Workers hang the naked bodies on the iron frame waiting for refining.

Silicone is poured to the mold setup and then left to cool. After cooling, the mold is left open as the fully formed doll is extracted. Excess materials are removed from the setup and smoothed. Scissors are used to cut off excess materials found at the seams. Final smoothing involves heating the skin with hot spatula or rod. Like any other perfect three dimensional figure, the dolls have a small face, large chest, and a thin waist. The doll is now ready to undergo finishing and customization.

Too thick TPE makes the doll to be floppy. On the contrary, less TPE will make the doll to be thin and hard. This part is important since a little or too much silicone will end up destroying the whole process.  A perfect amount of the material will give a good looking doll.

sex doll demoulding


Finishing and customizing is a detailed procedure. The face needs too much work. Eyes are put based on eye color. Eyebrows and hair are colored.

sex doll s eyes

Nipples are glued on the breasts according to color, size, and texture. The surrounding places near the breast are smoothed by heat. Depending on the customer, pubic hair is added with a specific color, length, and texture.

sex doll nipples breasts

Genitals parts are mounted. They are made into different colors, textures, and series of sizes. It gives a buyer an opportunity to select the desired size of the vagina and penis.

This whole process is not done in one day; it required different workers with various abilities.

The feeling of visiting a manufacturing area

Some of us will want to visit the manufacturing area to see how real dolls are made. This is an extraordinary and interesting place to visit. You will also get the opportunity to see different types of sex dolls in real life. Furthermore, a person will learn about the whole production process. They are very attractive that you will be confused to choose your sexual partner. Every person has a different taste; hence you will end up falling for the one having your features. Manufacturing industries are versatile when it comes to the creation of real-life sex dolls. You will definitely want to bring your sexual partner at home. Plan to visit a sex doll industry and see amazing things.

Final thoughts

Sex toys are manufactured worldwide and mostly in China. For this reason, you will be confident enough to purchase items from them, seeing that they have experience.   Sex dolls designed to look like a real sexy woman. From the thin waist, long legs, small shoulders, wide hips, big breasts, and juicy booty. On the other hand, the male sex dolls have broad shoulders, all size penis, and broad chest and toned stomach. This glamorous look is the dream of many men. One glance at the sex doll will turn you on in fewer minutes. They are made to cure your sexual desires; hence you do not have to worry about a sexual partner.