Doll Care Guide

We appreciate the fact that your sex doll is an investment, and that is why we have put together a list of tips for maintaining the quality and life of your sex dolls.


  1. Always use a water-based lubricant when using the vaginal, anal and oral canals to prevent tearing of the skin.
  2. Only use a water-based lubricant because Silicone or petroleum-based lubes can damage the doll's skin.


  1. Do not leave your dolls arms or legs up for more than a few minutes. If you leave your doll with her arms up or legs spread, the stress placed on the TPE might cause it to tear. You may return to find your dolls underarms or the groin area has split apart, which will need repair. Ensure you return your doll to a neutral stress-free position, with arms down by her sides and legs closed, when you are done using it.
  2. If the skin becomes tacky to your touch, dust your doll with Premium Renewal Powder. Brush after cleansing and drying to make her skin smooth again. This is very important to prevent tearing of the sex doll.
  3. Take care not to place your sex doll with or on items containing inks, such as newspapers, magazines, dark-coloured materials or leather materials that might contain oil-soluble pigments.
  4. Don't expose your sex doll to direct sunlight to prevent the ageing of the TPE material.
  5. The colour you find on the dolls lips, eyes, cheeks, and labia is a semi-permanent colour. It will wear off over time when you touch, kiss, bath, apply mineral oil, a makeup remover or a stain remover.
  6. TPE contains oil, which makes it soft and jiggly. Take care not to place your doll on unsealed surfaces that may leach the oil and dry out the skin as it can crack or split.
  7. TPE might flatten and crease if left in a sitting position or when laying on a surface for a long period. When leaving your doll unattended for more than a few days, be sure to hang her with the Closet Bar Suspension Kit to keep her free from compression marks and creasing.


  1. Your sex doll has a metal skeleton with several fixed and movable joints that allow her to be flexible and perform a wide range of poses. There are screw-fixing holes inside the joints, foot, and leg. It is normal for your doll to have some slight modification traces and marks at these parts.
  2. Take care when carrying your doll around. Because of her metal skeleton, she can be quite heavy depending on her size. Avoid dropping your doll, or knocking her against hard surfaces which could cause damage.
  3. Take care to protect your dolls fingers. The fingers have internal wires that allow you to pose your dolls hands. The doll fingers allow for a very light grip and cannot accommodate heavyweights. The internal wires can break if not handled with care.
  4. Our dolls have enhanced wrists that can support their weight. When you engage in a doggy-style sex position with your doll, it's best to support your dolls torso beneath her with a pillow or suitable furniture.


  1. Your sex doll's body should be cleaned every 30 days by either bathing or showering it using a mild antimicrobial soap.
  2. It is fine to sit your doll in water or shower with her, but do not let her head or neck submerge under the water.
  3. To wash your sex dolls face, very gently wipe with a wet cloth and TPE Safe Foaming Cleanser. *Again, Do not submerge your dolls head in water.
  4. Use a soft absorbent towel and gently pat your sex doll dry after cleansing.
  5. After thoroughly drying, apply a light dusting of Premium Renewal Powder to keep her skin soft and velvety. *Never use a hair dryer or other heat source to blow your doll dry.


  1. The vaginal, anal and oral areas of the doll should be cleaned after every use to avoid the growth of bacteria, as TPE skin is more porous than Silicone.
  2. Flush the canal with mild anti-bacterial soap water in a vaginal irrigator until thoroughly clean. You should then rinse the canal with clean water in a vaginal irrigator until all soap is removed.
  3. Dry canal thoroughly.
  4. Once dry dust with Premium Renewal Powder inside and out.


  1. To insert the replaceable vagina into the doll, powder well with Premium Renewal Powder both in the inside and outside areas of the vaginal walls.
  2. To clean the replaceable vagina after use, use the above instructions for Vaginal, Anal and Oral Cleaning.


  1. Take care to make sure that any clothing put on the doll is not colour transmissible. TPE is porous and darker colours or patterns may bleed and cause discolouration to your doll which will be difficult to remove. It is important to note that we have a Stain Remover that does an excellent job of removing most cloth stains.


To clean your dolls hair, remove the wig from her head and clean the wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Let the wig dry naturally (using a wig stand if possible) then gently comb the wig starting from the bottom and moving upward.


  1. Refrain from sharing your sex doll with anyone else, to prevent spreading of disease.
  2. Clean your sex dolls vaginal, anal and oral canals with a TPE Safe Cleanser and dry after every use to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  3. We recommend you use a condom to make it easy to clean the doll.
  4. Always use a water-based lubricant when having sex with your love doll to prevent tearing from friction.