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Group Buying

Invite friends ordering rose wives sex dolls together to get up to 30% rebates for both you and your friends.


  1. For every order whose actual payment price is enough to $700, you will get the opportunity to get a rebate.
  2. You can invite your friends to order dolls from, and ask them to add your email address in their order note. When they have placed an order (whose actual payment price is more than $600), both you and your friends will get the rebates.
  3. When you have invited more than 3 friends successfully in the same month, which means that there are three new purchased customers using your email address as an inviter in the same month, then you'll directly get the largest rebate for your order.
  4. For your second order, you can also use your own email address as an inviter, so that you can be your own inviter to get the rebate.


Actual Payment Price  Rebate (for you) Rebate (for your friends)
>= $700 15% 10%
>= $1000 18% 12%
>= $1500 20% 14%
>= $1800 22% 16%
>= $2500 25% 18%
>= $3000 30% 20%



  1. If a coupon code has been applied to your order, or if you already have a rebate, then the final rebate for you will cut out the amount of the coupon discount or the former rebate.
  2. Offline orders are not supported in the group buying activity.
  3. Refunded orders are not supported to get the rebate.
  4. Shipping fees are not supported to participate in the calculation of the rebates.
  5. 5% is the highest rebate for AI heads when your order includes AI heads. Other items are not affected.
  6. Add-ons are not supported to participate in the calculation of the rebates.

Rebates Fulfilling Time: the first day of next month after you place the order.


If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us at


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