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How long could a sex doll last?

If you’re considering buying a sex doll, you’ll put a fair amount of money into the purchase, as a doll no matter a TPE or a silicone doll is not cheap. It’s only natural to want to know how long the dolls are going to last for. Normally, sex dolls will last anywhere between 2~10 years depending on the material quality as well as how it is used.

Let’s look at some of the common factors that will influence a sex doll’s life span:

The material the doll is made out of

Now realistic sex dolls are mainly made of silicone material and TPE material. TPE material is the mainstream, a TPE doll normal use for 2~4 years or longer is no problem. Silicone material is a non-porous and more inert material compared with TPE, a silicone doll could usually be using for 5~10 years or longer.

The using frequency of the doll

Naturally, the more the doll is used, the faster it’ll wear out. Some models come with repair kits or replaceable genitals to overcome this issue. Eventually, it will get to a stage where it’s no longer feasible to repair the doll anymore.

You’ve probably got a good few years at least, even with heavy use, so it’s still a good purchase. Besides, who knows what new tech will be available in three or four years? Perhaps you’ll want to upgrade.

How Rough You Are

It pays to watch which surfaces you get busy on. A real person could get injured if they’re propped up against an uneven or rough surface; try to treat your new toy in much the same way as you would a human sexual partner (without all the preamble to sex, of course). Protect them from surfaces that might damage them.

The Lubricant You Use

It’s always better to stick to a water-based lubricant; an oil-based one could damage TPE. It won’t damage the silicone models, but it is difficult to remove. Water-based is your best option each time. If you’re going to use a condom, check that it also has a water-based lube.

How You Clean the Doll

You should periodically wipe down the whole body with warm water. Use a cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer and nothing else. Laundry detergents, dish soap, and so on might be too harsh on the surface.

Most manufacturers will either provide their own cleaning agent or recommend a gentle anti-bacterial one. Always use what they recommend. And while alcohol, for example, does an excellent job of sanitizing surfaces, it also degrades silicone or TPE over time.

You’ll also want to use your hands or a very soft cloth to wipe the skin down with. Anything with an abrasive surface could damage the outer layers.

You should clean the relevant parts after every use. Again, warm water and the right cleaning agent should be all you need. Clean it as soon as possible so that bacteria have less time to gain a foothold.

How You Dry It After Cleaning

Once you’ve rinsed off your doll, it’s time to dry the skin and all the orifices. Let as much water drain out as possible. Then use a soft towel, and remember to dab the skin rather than sloughing at it.

Everything must be completely dry before you put it away. Moisture left in the crevices provides an ideal environment for bacteria and mildew.

Applying a fine layer of talcum powder can help to keep the surface soft to the touch and provide some protection.

How Well You Follow the Care Instructions

With TPE dolls in particular, it’s recommended that you rub them down with mineral oil once a month or so. This nourishes the plastic and prevents it from getting brittle and dry. It might not seem important, but it will extend the usable lifespan.

How You Store It

How and where you store your doll is important. First and foremost, it must be kept out of direct light. The room should ideally be cool, or at least not subject to huge temperature fluctuations.

Storing the doll upright is usually best. If you store it folded up, crease lines can form. These areas will weaken over time and could tear more easily. You may get a stand with your purchase. If you don’t, they’re not that expensive to buy or even to make.

If the doll doesn’t come with its own case for storage, it might be prudent to get a dust cloth. Choose a soft, natural material without an obvious weave and no dye in it.

It’s also best to store it naked. The dyes in the clothes could be absorbed over time, causing discoloration.

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