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How to Clean & Maintain Your Sex Dolls

How to Clean & Maintain Your Sex Dolls


Realistic sex dolls are often made of silicone or TPE, or both. Keeping your sex dolls in good condition is so important for a healthier and better sex and help them last much longer. This article will guide you step by step to clean and maintain your sex dolls in the best manners.


Tools & Materials for cleaning your sex dolls


Before cleaning your sex dolls, make sure you’ve got below things in hand.


  1. Antibacterial soap
  2. Sex doll washer
  3. Mild shampoo
  4. Lube applicator
  5. Soft cloth or towel
  6. Talcum powder
  7. Drying stick
  8. Clean water


 lube applicator for cleaning sex doll





How often you should clean your sex dolls


Cleaning your sex dolls definitely keeps them fresh and well to use, but excessive cleaning may damage them and shorten their lifespan. May it seems that cleaning your sex dolls after each use is quite reasonable, but we strongly recommend you put the cleaning job into a routine. We say, it’s better to clean your sex dolls once per 2-3 weeks. Regular and periodical maintenance protects your sex doll from skin tear caused by excessive cleaning.


Clean your sex dolls step by step


  1. Detach the head and vagina (if it’s detachable, some are fixed) from the body
  2. Dilute antibacterial soap with water at 1:5 soap to water ratio and wash your sex doll’s body and face with the soap mixture (caution: do not submerge your sex doll in the water, or it’s likely to rust the metal skeleton inside the body).
  3. Use lube applicator to inject the soap mixture into the anus and vagina, and then clean and dry them with a drying stick.
  4. Wash the wig of your sex doll with mild shampoo, flush shampoos away with clean water and dry it with a hair dryer; if the wig is a detachable type, you can detach it first.
  5. Dry the body and head with a soft cloth or towel; if your sex doll has a speaker, please avoid liquid go inside it.
  6. Apply some talcum powder onto the sex dolls to give them natural fragrance and soft touch.


Dont do these while cleaning your sex dolls


It’s necessary to avoid these things from happening while cleaning your sex dolls.

  1. Do not use hot water wash your dolls.
  2. Keep your dolls from sharp objects while cleaning.
  3. Comb the wig to avoid knots before washing them.
  4. Some parts of your sex dolls must be dry while cleaning: for example, some sex dolls might have speakers on their backs; if you’re not quite sure, contact the seller for guidance.


How to store and maintain your sex dolls

Beside regular and periodical cleaning, how to store and maintain your sex dolls is also import to make them live longer. Remember below tips and keep your sex dolls in healthy and fine conditions.


  1. Store your sex doll in cool, dry and dark place with flat surface.
  2. Put a soft cloth underneath her.
  3. Always lay her down naturally and straight; bending parts is not a good option.
  4. Keep her away from clothes which easily fade color, or it will stain your sex doll.
  5. Always dress your sex doll in clean clothes.
  6. Take the vagina out if it’s a detachable type.
  7. For long period storage, detach the head and put it on a stand and hang the body up with a hook.
  8. Periodically, oil and powder your sex doll at least once a month.
  9. To keep your sex doll away from dust, a storage bag is always recommended.