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How to Use A Sex Doll

When the first time you ordered a sex doll online, surely you can’t wait to see she arrives at your door. But before you go uncover her and have intimate action with her, it’s better to know how to use a sex doll first. In this article, we’ll introduce from the very beginning of receiving a sex doll to the maintenance of a sex doll. You need only a few minutes to go through and certainly you wouldn’t regret.


Check your sex doll before use


Yes, when received a sex doll, the first thing after unboxing is to check items inside the package if any parts or accessories are missing.


Hence, It’s always a good habit to read the manual first and check according to the list; if you find anything is missing, don’t hesitate to ask the seller to send the supplementary.


After checking parts and accessories, wash your hands and unwrap the sex doll with care.


Next, check if there is any defect on the skin of your doll and then bend elbows, knees, ankles and other joint parts carefully to check if the metal skeleton of your sex doll works well. If there is any damage, immediately require a replacement from the seller.


Install the head for your sex doll


Usually, a sex doll comes to you with her head detached from the body. A metal bolt is provided to install the head onto the body. Insert the bolt gently into the hole underneath the neck and then you can place the head onto the body.



RoseWives Sex Doll


Degrease, clean and apply talcum powder


Sex doll manufacturer often injects oil ingredients into silicone or TPE sex dolls to make sure their bodies are soft to touch and exude sweet fragrance. It can also make the skin a little oily.


Giving your sex doll a bath and degreasing it can be a good solution. And after that,don’t forget to apply some talcum powder on for comfortable sex with your sex dolls.


Put some lubricants into the private part of your sex doll


Put some lubricants into the vagina, anus or mouth of your sex doll, when you have vaginal, anal or oral sex with it, certainly will give you more comfortable experience as well as to prevent the private part of your sex doll from being ruptured.


Always wear a condom

Wearing a condom will give you a much easier cleaning the private parts of your sex doll after use and also a soft sex to protect both your penis and private parts of your doll.


Clean your sex doll after use


A sex doll is your intimate partner. Don’t forget to clean her thoroughly after each use. Give it a bath, dry it naturally or with a soft towel, and then put some talcum powder on her.


Store your sex doll in cool place


After cleaning your sex doll, you’d better lay her down or hang her up (with head detached) on a hook in a cool, dry and ventilated place.