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Silicone or TPE Sex Doll, Which is Better for You

When it comes to buy a sex doll, basically you have two options, either a silicone type or a TPE sex doll. If you’re the first time to buy a sex doll for yourself but know nothing about it, this article tells about the differences between silicone and TPE sex dolls will help you out.


To start the comparison, let’s know some basic features about silicone and TPE material.


What is Silicone?


Simply to say, silicone is plastic. It’s a mixture of silicon rubber with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Silicone products are resistant to heat and can be formulated for both softness and stableness. They’re capable of maintaining their orginial shapes under very strong pressure.


What is TPE?


TPE stands for thermoplastic elstomers, also refers to as thermoplastic rubber. It’s a miture of rubber and plastic. TPE material is very soft and stretches well, but can easily return to its original shapes.


After reading above paragraphs, you now get a basic understanding of the two materials but might still don’t know which to choose, silicone or TPE sex dolls. No worry, let’s get directly into today’s topic about the pros and cons of both silicone and TPE sex dolls.

 ailijia sex doll

Pros & Cons of Silicone Sex Dolls


Pros of silicone sex dolls:

  1. Silicone dolls are heat resistant, thus you can give them a bath to wash them.
  2. Silicone dolls don’t stain easily and are easy to clean, thus they’re friendly to lazy owners.
  3. Silicone dolls are hypoallergenic, thus the risk of allgeric reaction while using it is nearly impossible.
  4. Silicone dolls has more realistic shape features than TPE types, thus they’re a better option for those who want more realistic face, vagina, and other intimate parts of a wife.


Cons of silicone sex dolls:

  1. Silicone sex dolls are sticky and harder than TPE
  2. Silicone dolls are firm and their boobs and butts won’t bounce.
  3. Silicone dolls are usually more expensive than TPE types.


Pros & Cons of TPE Sex Dolls


Pros of TPE sex dolls:

  1. TPE sex doll are softer and comfortable to touch.
  2. TPE sex dolls are so flexible that you can have sex with them at nearly any kind of positions you can imagine.
  3. TPE sex doll’s breasts and butts act more naturally as a real wife when you make love with it.
  4. TPE sex dolls are much cheaper and recyclable.


Cons of TPE sex dolls:

  1. TPE is a porous material, so you need a thorough cleaning before and after using a TPE sex doll.
  2. TPE is easy to stain, so don’t wear them clothes that fade color easily
  3. TPE is not heat resistant; it’s better to keep TPE sex dolls in cool place and don’t wash them with hot water.
  4. TPE doll is more doll like especially when comparing facial outlines to silicone type.


Silicone or TPE Sex Doll, Which is Better?

 silicone vs TPE sex dolls

After comparing pros and cons of silicone and TPE sex dolls, we’ve finally come to the ending of this question, silicone or TPE, which is better?


Acutally, it’a choice what features you weigh on.


If you want more realistic facial outlines and intimate parts like a real wife, silicone sex dolls are better option; if you want more realistic sex experiences at more flexible positions, TPE sex dolls are better.


ailijia sex dolls



Yet, we now have another option. That is a sex doll with silicone head and TPE body. These kinds of TPE and silicone mixed sex dolls offer you both realistic body features and sex experience at the same time.