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Why our sex dolls are so cheap?

Many people are curious why our products are so cheap, is it a scam? Now I will let you know how the process going on after the customer's order from the sex doll online shop.

As a matter of the fact, 90% of the sex doll products are produced in China. The sex dolls online shop sells the most of the sex dolls in the world. And most of the sex doll manufacturer do not sell online, they sell to the third-part online sex doll shops.


When a customer order from the sex dolls online shop, then the sex dolls online shop send the order information to the sex doll manufacturers, the sex doll manufactures started produce the sex doll. and send the finished sex doll pictures to the third part online shop, and then the manufacture ship the sex doll to the customers. The sex dolls online shop needs more profit, so the sex dolls price is much higher than they afford the sex doll manufactures.

Rose Wives Doll Factory Direct Sale

As a sex doll manufacturer, we directly sell the doll to the customers, no third part fees, so we can make sure our sex dolls price as lower as possible, the customers can save more money. That’s why our sex dolls are cheaper than others within the same quality.