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Buyers Guide - Things You Should Consider before Purchasing A Sex Doll

Since you're going to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase a sex doll, it’s better to take a few minutes to read through this article and consider below things before you proceed to purchase a sex doll.


  1. Your Budget


Budget is the first thing you should consider since the price of a sex doll varies a lot, especially a customized type.


Most online sex doll stores often categorize their sex dolls in price ranges. So the first you do is to a quick look at the price category which matches with your budget.


If you find a sex doll in this category, that’s really good. If not, you can later try higher but acceptable price range category.  



  1. Material of your sex doll


Material of a sex doll is the second factor you must consider. So far, the most common materials for sex dolls are TPE and silicone. They affects the quality of your sex dolls the most.


Commonly, TPE sex dolls are softer, more elastic and cheaper. It’s a better option for low budget users.


On the other hand, silicone dolls resemble more in the appearance of a real wife, especially the texture of vagina and anus. And hairs can be planted into the skin of a silicone sex doll head. If you don’t quite care how much you pay and weighs resemblance of a real lady, a silicone sex doll fits you.


Another option is a TPE body and silicone head combo sex doll, which lowers the price, and offers soft vagina and skin, and realistic appearance on the face simultaneously.


[For more details about the differences of TPE and silicone sex dolls, please read this article >>> ]


  1. Height and size of your sex doll


Height and size are the third factor we should consider together. For example, you’re only 160cm tall and a thin man weighs only 50 kilograms, you probably won’t like a 173cm BBW sex doll. For you, she is too big.


  1. Face of sex doll


The fourth thing is the face of your sex doll. Face contains the most recognizable elements of beauty. If you have a favourite female star, you can write down the features of her face, for example, blue eyes, blonde hair, double eyelid, and etc. And then check if there is similar face in a specific sex doll online store.


  1. Customizing options


Most sex doll online stores provide customizing options for their popular sex dolls. The customizing options usually include material (either TPE or silicone), additional functions like electric tweaking buttocks and voices, pubes, head or body type, skin colors and even manually planted hair.


Of course, customizing options will increase your budget. But if you don’t mind the cost, having a realistic wife you love the most is really worthy.


[see customizable sex dolls]


  1. Shipping


Shipping also should be considered. If you’re not that patient, and don’t want to wait long, you’d better to check if the store has dolls in a closer warehouse which is near to your house or in your country.


Delivery inside your country or from somewhere near your house could be quick.


Another solution is always making a purchase in advance.